TVS X : TVS launched premium scooter X , Explore their excellent features and their price.

tvs x electric scooter

Premium Electric Scooter X is launched by TVS , an Indian two-wheeler manufacturer. We tell you in this article that the company released it. Along with this, we also explain the features offered by the scooter.

What are the characteristics of this hunk

The company has added many features to this electric scooter. It sports a 10.2-inch TFT touchscreen with tilt adjustment. Other than, features like cruise control, assisted navigation, TVS Smart Connect feature, live Video sreaming, Football Games, Web browsing, home sharing, key less entry, LED lighting, etc system indicators and Anti-Theft Alarms.

How powerful is the battery and motor of TVS X:

The electric scooter from the company comes with a motor that generates 11 kilowatts of power. The scooter can achieve a speed of 40 kilometers per hour from zero in just 2.6 seconds. Its top speed can go up to 105 kilometers per hour. Additionally, it has several riding modes in this scooter.
That help to increase the scooter’s range and provide you a comfortable and smooth rides. The little motorbike has a battery with a power of 4.44 kilowatt-hours. Its providing it with a range of around 140 kilometers. Battery can be charged up to 50% in 50 minutes, and takes about 4.30 hours to charge up to 80% from 0.

What about the price

Introduced into the premium electric scooter segment by TVS. This premium scooter stands out due to its exceptional specifications, so leading to a price of Rs 2.50 Lakh ex-showroom in Bangalore. TVS X scooter will not get the benefit of fame subsidy.

The man who feeled the Moon First : Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, a name who can never forgot in in history, Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut the first person to walk on the moon. He came into the world on August 5, 1930, in Ohio, United States. Armstrong’s journey to becoming an astronaut was marked by dedication and determination.

The Early Years and Neil Armstrong’s Connection with NASA:

Growing up with a fascination for flight, Armstrong became a skilled pilot before joining NASA. In 1969, he commanded Apollo 11, the historic mission that aimed to land humans on the moon. Transitioning from a pilot to an astronaut, Armstrong’s training was intense and demanding

Giant Leap for Mankind:

On July 20, 1969, the world held its breath as Armstrong descended the lunar module’s ladder. With the famous words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” he became the first human to step onto the moon’s surface. This moment was a culmination of years of scientific and engineering advancements.

Legacy and Beyond:

Armstrong’s accomplishment, an inspiration spanning generations, showcased humanity’s limitless exploration prospects. Following his historic moonwalk, he furthered space exploration and championed scientific advancement and education. His enduring legacy fuels the quest for knowledge and the spirit of discovery, leaving an indelible mark on our journey into the unknown.


Neil Armstrong’s journey from a young aviation enthusiast to a global icon reflects the power of human ambition. His legacy extends beyond the moon’s surface, reminding us that with perseverance, we can accomplish the extraordinary.

Top 10 historical places in india with pictures

India’s rich history is intricately woven into its remarkable historical sites. Transitioning gracefully from ancient temples to grand forts, each locale narrates captivating stories of bygone eras. Now, as we embark on an enchanting journey, let’s delve into the top 10 historical wonders of India and reveal the fascinating tales they harbor.

1. Taj Mahal, Agra (India): A Monument of Love

Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal

The epitome of Mughal architecture, the Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. This ivory-white marble marvel stands as a symbol of eternal love.

2. Jaipur’s Amber Fort (India): A Royal Citadel

the Amber Fort narrates tales of Rajput valor

Perched on a hill, the Amber Fort narrates tales of Rajput valor. Its intricate design, mirrored ceilings, and artistic walls transport visitors to the opulent era of Maharajas.

3. Varanasi’s Ghats (India): Spiritual Serenity

The ghats along the Ganges River in Varanasi

The ghats along the Ganges River in Varanasi offer a sacred experience. Pilgrims gather for spiritual rituals and ceremonies, creating an atmosphere that reflects India’s deep-rooted spirituality.

4. Khajuraho Temples (India): A Dance of Divinity

The UNESCO-listed Khajuraho temples

The UNESCO-listed Khajuraho temples boast intricately carved sculptures that depict divine beings and mortal life, showcasing the intricate fusion of religion and art.

5. Ajanta and Ellora Caves (India): Carved Elegance

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Hidden within rock formations, these caves display ancient Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu art. The intricate carvings and paintings depict stories from diverse faiths.

6. Fatehpur Sikri (India): Mughal Majesty Frozen in Time

Fatehpur Sikri

Built by Emperor Akbar, this abandoned city near Agra showcases Mughal grandeur. The magnificent architecture tells the tale of a short-lived imperial capital.

7. Konark Sun Temple (India): Architectural Marvel

the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha

Dedicated to the sun god, Surya, the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha is an architectural masterpiece. The intricate carvings and structural ingenuity are a testament to ancient engineering.

8. Hampi’s Ruins (India): Vijayanagara’s Glory

The ruins of Hampi stand as remnants of the Vijayanagara Empire

The ruins of Hampi stand as remnants of the Vijayanagara Empire. The surreal landscape, with its massive boulders and intricate ruins, transports visitors to a bygone era.

9. Sanchi Stupa (India): Buddhist Heritage

The Sanchi Stupa is a significant Buddhist monument India

The Sanchi Stupa is a significant Buddhist monument, embodying the teachings of Lord Buddha. Its serene setting and ancient engravings offer insights into the early spread of Buddhism.

10. Qutub Minar, Delhi (India): Towering Legacy

Kutub Minar Delhi India

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Qutub Minar is a towering victory monument that symbolizes Delhi’s historical significance. Its intricate architecture showcases the fusion of various cultures.


India’s historical places encapsulate centuries of culture, faith, and artistic brilliance. Each site tells a unique story, offering a glimpse into the past while connecting us to our heritage. Embarking on a journey to these top 10 historical wonders promises not just a trip through time, but an immersion into India’s diverse and captivating history.

Nervous place for someone with Aerophobia

Do you ever feel really nervous at the thought of getting on an airplane? If so, you’re not alone. Some people feel scared of flying, and it’s called “Aerophobia” but don’t worry, this article is here to help. We will talk about what makes flying scary for some people and give you some easy tips to make flying less frightening.

scared of flying

What’s Aerophobia?

Aerophobia is when you’re really scared of flying. It’s not just a little bit of worry—it’s a big feeling of being afraid. Some things that make people scared of flying are being up high, feeling trapped in a small space, and worrying that the plane might shake a lot. But understanding why you’re scared is the first step to feeling better.

Tips to Feel Better:

1. Get Ready in Your Mind:

imagine the journey in your head

Before you fly, imagine the journey in your head. Learn how airplanes work and know that shaking during the flight is normal. Knowing more can make you feel less scared.

2. Learn About Safety:

airplanes stay safe

Find out how airplanes stay safe, what to do in emergencies, and how flying is actually safer than driving a car. This can help you understand that flying is not as scary as it seems.

3. Ask for Help:

ask a professional for help

If your fear is really strong, it’s okay to ask a professional for help. A therapist can teach you tricks to manage your fear. One trick is called “exposure therapy,” where you slowly get used to flying.

4. Relax Your Mind:

Things can help make you feel less nervous

Take time to relax before you fly. Try deep breathing or thinking calming thoughts. These things can help make you feel less nervous.

5. Start Small:

virtual reality experience that feels like flying

If you’re not ready for a long flight, try a short one first. You can also try a virtual reality experience that feels like flying. Doing these things bit by bit can help you feel better.

6. Bring Comfort:

focus away from being scared

Bring things that make you happy, like books, movies, or puzzles. These can keep your mind busy and take your focus away from being scared.


Feeling scared of flying is okay, and many people feel the same way. But you don’t have to let fear stop you from traveling and having fun. By learning more, talking to someone who can help, and using relaxation tricks, you can make flying feel less scary. Remember, the sky is big and full of adventure, and with a little bit of courage, you can be part of it too!